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How Much is a Wedding?

The wedding planner at the venue cannot give you a price if you do not know the date, how many guests, daytime or evening, alcohol or no alcohol. The more information you can provide the more accurate the price quote.

Create a budget with your fiance and stick to that budget. Sit down and decide what are the must-haves and how much you want to spend.

Have a family meeting on both sides and cut the guest list to save money on flowers, decorations, food, beverages and room space. Better to have a very nice event for 100 people or less, than spending on people you hardly know.

Keep your wedding party smaller under four or six on each side. Choose wisely when it comes to the food and make sure you offer enough items in case of food allergies or personal preferences so that you will be covered. Keep it simple and avoid too many fancy items. Offer beer and wine, which is more economical than a full bar to hold the cost down.

Avoid holidays when choosing a date for the wedding. Everything will cost more, including flowers, bands, DJ’s and space.

No reason to spend beyond your means to have a great wedding. We can provide a wonderful wedding no matter the budget!

National Average – The Knot Survey for 2013
Overall Wedding (excluding honeymoon): $26,984
Ceremony Site: $1,393
Reception Venue: $12,124
Reception DJ: $900
Photographer: $2,320
Videographer: $1,463
Wedding Gown: $1,099
Florist / Decor: $1,988
Invitations: $351
Wedding Cake: $540
Ceremony Musicians: $503
Catering (cost per head): $61
Wedding Day Transportation: $667
Favors: $222
Rehearsal: $1,127
Engagement Ring: $5,392

Cell Phones are Not Invited!

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Society in general is hooked on cell phones…but when attending a wedding ceremony or reception, cell phones are not invited! Don’t be bashful about asking your minister to inform your guests (prior to the ceremony) that you have requested that all electronic devises be turned off so that all in attendance will remain in the moment. Real Story: The cell phone of a bridesmaid rang during a ceremony…and she actually answered the call! Have we lost our minds???!!! Some folks are so connected to their phones that there is no...

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Seating Arrangements: Keep It Simple

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Selecting the wedding venue is really the first stop in planning and budgeting a wedding. Venue choice revolves around guest count. So, really, before shopping for venues, wedding photographer, florist, etc. couples need to know their approximate guest count, based on their respective families and friends. I’ve heard of many couples who tally up the people in their lives and can easily add up to 300 people. Which is definitely doable if you have the venue space and the budget for that, and the catering, etc. to accommodate that many people....

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Rehearsal Dinner Basics

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Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not just a rehearsal. Here’s everything you need to know: What it is? The rehearsal dinner is traditionally held the night before the wedding, most often a Friday, and usually starts about seven P.M. This leaves time for attendants who can’t take the day off to get out of work to attend the rehearsal itself at around 5:30 P.M., and get to the dinner. For a Sunday or holiday wedding, you have more options. Since the rehearsal dinner has become more of a celebration in its own...

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Music Selection: Choose Wisely

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The food will be great, the decorations incredible, but what everyone will remember is the entertainment. At Peavy Entertainment, we understand the Atlanta Disc Jockey sets the party tone and that you’re looking for much more than just someone to spin the discs. We are your Master of Ceremony and work closely with you to customize the entertainment to your specifications. This is your special event and everything should be perfect. Our goal is to be one less thing to worry about. We provide more than music, we provide peace of mind....

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Developing and Managing a Timeline

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It is very important to have a timeline for your reception so that your DJ or Band, Photographer, Event Manager and Wedding Coordinator are all on the same page.  Someone needs to be in charge to make sure that everyone stays on schedule, allowing the event to run smoothly.  In other words…make sure you have a professional managing your event! I have witnessed many mistakes while I have been a guest at weddings, where it is obvious that a professional has not implemented a plan of action. Examples: Everyone is having a great time...

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Finding the Perfect Venue!

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Helpful Venue Questions: You are engaged…now what? Your quest to find the perfect venue begins, one that best fits your taste, needs and budget for that special day.  You will need to have your date set and venue in place before you can move forward with your wedding planning. Be sure to have an approximate guest count in mind before setting up meetings and/or calling to request pricing. Keep in mind that 20% of your guest list will most likely not be able to attend, per the national average....

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Alcohol at Your Reception

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Although we offer a cash bar option for weddings, it is not the most appropriate choice. When guests are invited to your home, do you have a cash bar out on your deck? Probably not. Many guests may not carry cash or credit cards with them, which creates an awkward situation for both your guests and the bartenders. In lieu of a cash bar for your wedding, I recommend offering a “light bar” with beer, wine and champagne. This option is much easier on the budget. Approximately 90% of weddings held at Olde Towne are beer and wine only....

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