Developing and Managing a Timeline

It is very important to have a timeline for your reception so that your DJ or Band, Host, Photographer, Event Manager and Wedding Coordinator are all on the same page.  Someone needs to be in charge to make sure that everyone stays on schedule, allowing the event to run smoothly. In other words…make sure you have a professional managing your event!


  • Everyone is having a great time dancing to their favorite music and grandma decides to tell the DJ to announce that it is time to cut the cake…trust me, the momentum will never be regained after that.
  • The cake hasn’t been cut and 30-50% of your guests have left the reception.  You will be eating cake for the next 6 months!

To eliminate unnecessary stress and to insure that your guests have a great time, hire an experienced professional to develop your reception timeline.

Would you allow someone to pull a tooth if they are not an oral surgeon???  I don’t think so!!!